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Training courses for exams


The IAM provides a directory of Endorsed Training Providers who offer courses which follow the syllabuses for the IAM qualifications all over the world.

These training providers will be able to offer guidance and advice on what training may be necessary for you. The IAM Certificate and Diploma are not training courses themselves and training is not a prerequisite for taking the exams. Training for these exams is to be arranged by candidates or their employers as considered necessary.

If you opt to take a training course for your IAM qualification, check with your selected IAM Endorsed Training Provider to see if the exam fee is included in the training package before paying for an exam yourself! 




If you are thinking about becoming an IAM endorsed training provider, please visit the Endorsed Training Providers page.

The IAM treats all endorsements seriously and wishes to be associated only with organisations and individuals operating to the highest standards of integrity. We take no commission from clients who appoint a training provider - any contract is between the client and the provider.

If you are not satisfied with the performance of an endorsed training provider or have any reason to complain to the IAM about this scheme please contact us.



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