The professional body for whole life management of physical assets

PAS55 Compliance and Certification

Users of PAS55 attribute the following benefits to their business:

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction from improved performance and control of service delivery.
  • The ability to achieve and demonstrate best value-for money.
  • Improved risk management and corporate governance - with a clear audit trail.
  • Optimized return on investment and/or growth.
  • Improved health, safety and environmental performance.
  • Confidence from long-term planning, better sustainability and performance.
  • Improved corporate reputation, including enhanced shareholder value, greater staff satisfaction and more efficient procurement and supply chain.

PAS55 also provides a common language between asset managers and finance. It defines the integrated approach required to meet conflicting stakeholder demands, achieve best value-for-money, and deliver significant performance improvements.

PAS55 defines asset management in systematic and inter-disciplinary terms. It specifies the requirements for the identification and management of risk and highlights the vital roles of individuals and teamwork in asset management.

See also the brochure available for download here.

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