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PAS55 Assessment Methodology

Compliance with PAS55

Please note that it has come to our attention that claims appear on some websites and promotional materials that organisations can offer or are authorised to offer certification or assessment services that are in some way approved by the IAM.

This is not the case -  in fact, a fundamental reason for introducing the Endorsed Assessor Scheme is to give some guidance to potential clients and to identify providers whose staff know about asset management.

PAS55 Assessment Methodology

The PAM is available as a free download - Paying Members Only

The PAS55 Assessment Methodology (PAM) enables organisations to undertake a self assessment and ‘gap analysis’ of their current asset management practices with BSI PAS 55:2008. It may also be used by 3rd party independent assessors.

A brochure is available for downloading if you would like to know more. (See right hand column)

BSI PAS 55:2008 is the international reference benchmark for the optimal management of physical assets, providing the definition of good practice in the whole-life management of assets. It is applicable to any organization where physical assets are a key or a critical factor in achieving its business goals.

Being able to demonstrate that the requirements specified in PAS55 are met provides tangible evidence of systematic, cross-disciplinary and optimized approach to asset management that correctly blends responses to short term requirements with sustainable delivery of long term goals. This, in turn, provides assurance to customers, owners, employees, regulators and other stakeholders that the business is in good hands.

Many organizations have found that carrying out a ‘gap analysis’ against the requirements set out in PAS55 has enabled them to identify improvement opportunities and build them into a prioritized improvement plan. This leads to real improvement in the bottom line – often in today’s world this means enabling the achievement of business deliverables more efficiently and effectively with constrained resources.

The PAS55 Assessment Methodology:

  • enables you to identify improvement opportunities based on improving efficient and effective delivery of the business goals.
  • provides a framework for a long term asset management capability improvement plan.
  • demonstrates competent sustainable asset stewardship to stakeholders.
  • is applicable across industry sectors managing physical assets.
  • would support preparation for certification to PAS 55:2008.
  • would enable you to track improvements in your organization’s asset management capability.
  • would enable you like to compare your asset management capability with other organizations if you wished.

The PAM is available as a free download - Paying Members Only

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