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Download the PAM

IAM Members (paying members only) are welcome to download the PAS55 Assessment Methodology after logging in.  (A high resolution version PDF or hard copy of the Guidance Booklet is available from the IAM Office.)

Please note that there are several other pages that describe the PAM and what it does.  See 'In this Section' in the right hand column.  There is also a brochure that you can download as a PDF that summarises this information.

IAM PAM Asset Methodology Spreadsheet Ver 1.1

PAS55 Assessment Methodology Guidance Booklet

Version 1.1

Bug Mended: Could not select Clause 4.3.4 Contingency Planning on the PAM Form.
Bug Mended: Clause 4.3.4 Contingency Planning was missing from the Bar Chart or Radar Chart Legend.
Bug Mended: Could not select, for copying, the Summary Report information.

Please note that a sheet is now included to highlight any changes and there is a version number on the Assessment Page and also on the form. These are only minor changes to look and feel of the tool and not to the Question Set. 

To upgrade to PAM Version 1.1 the data collected using PAM Version 1 needs to be copied onto the Question Sheet (Score – INT1, Score – INT2, Score – INT3, Score – INT4, Score – INT5, Evid – INT1, Evid – INT2, Evid – INT3, Evid – INT4, Evid – INT5 and User Guidance).

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