IAM Qualifications

Gain professional recognition, increased insight and improved job prospects.

Achieving an IAM Qualification enables you to be the best you can be as an asset manager: you’ll gain professional recognition, increased insight and improved job prospects.

The IAM Qualifications are designed to promote good asset management concepts and practices, establish career paths and make recruitment and appointment to asset management roles more efficient and effective.

Whether you are new to asset management or have initial, specialist or management experience, our Qualifications will help you to develop as an individual and a professional, giving you formal recognition for your asset management knowledge and understanding.


Benefits for employees

  • Evidence of your knowledge and understanding of asset management, measured against recognised national and international standards
  • Qualifications directly related to workplace requirements
  • Professional development progression at any level

Benefits for employers

  • A way to evaluate and certify asset management knowledge, understanding and experience among your workforce
  • An opportunity to evaluate individual training needs and structure training
  • A way to assess and measure staff recruitment, career progression and promotion


Discover the IAM Qualifications

IAM Certificate

An introductory qualification aimed at those who are new to the discipline of asset management or who have some initial experience. 

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IAM Diploma

A more advanced qualification for those that have already obtained the Certificate, aimed at individuals with prior asset management knowledge and experience, typically working in or preparing for specialist or management roles.

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