Information for Candidates

IAM Qualifications Candidate Handbook

IAM Qualifications Syllabi

The handbook provides more detailed information on registering as a candidate, learning resources, training courses, booking an exam, exam regulations and what happens after an exam - whether you are successful or unsuccessful.

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This document details the scope of the individual topics which comprise the examination modules, and how the exams are assessed. It is important that prospective candidates understand the scope of the modules to determine the preparation required.

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The IAM Qualifications process

  1. Decide which qualification is right for you: Certificate or Diploma?
  2. Decide if you are going to take a training course, and what other exam preparation you need.
  3. Register as a candidate - this involves paying the corresponding exam fee and gaining access to the Exam Portal. 
  4. Familiarise yourself with the Exam Portal and the practice exam questions available on the portal.
  5. For candidates organising their own exams, when you are ready, book onto a public exam using the Exam Portal.


IAM Examinations Board and Committee

The IAM Examinations Board is responsible for designing and managing the processes for assessing candidates and awarding the IAM Certificate and IAM Diploma.  It is also responsible for quality assurance of IAM Qualifications, including identity verification of those claiming to possess the qualifications.

The IAM Examinations Committee is made up of domain experts called Examiners who write, review and agree on examination questions.

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For any further help or information regarding your IAM Qualification, please contact and we will be happy to assist.