NxtGenPlus builds on our engaged NxtGen network to offer a range of services designed for individuals committed to developing their asset management careers. Whether a student, a professional joining from another business area or someone just starting out, NxtGenPlus will help you to take serious steps in asset management.

The programme offers a range of products and services including mentoring, workshops, Onsite Insights (site visits), support for IAM Qualifications and exclusive networking events. This is complimented by the talks and socials offered by the standard NxtGen programme. The IAM NxtGen Committee organise events and facilitate your mentoring pairs.

Meet other professionals and put your professional development first

NxtGenPlus gives you access to exclusive events with high-profile guests from the world of asset management. You’ll also gain priority access to volunteering opportunities, involvement in IAM committees, contributions to Assets magazine and arranging your own events.

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The NxtGenPlus mentoring scheme allows you to connect one-to-one with an experienced asset management professional in a relationship based on mutual trust and confidentiality.

Key benefits

  • Support with objectives: Take responsibility for your professional development by setting yourself goals under the guidance of your experienced mentor. With your mentor’s support, you will set the agenda and shape your mentoring sessions according to your needs and interests. This relationship will last until you feel ready to continue at your own pace.
  • Reflect on your development: As you progress with your objectives, you will engage in reflective learning which you can discuss with your mentor to consider what is working and how to move forward.
  • Receive valuable feedback: Your mentor will provide valuable feedback and advice from a position of experience and knowledge. You’ll benefit from this guidance by being receptive and willing to discuss your weaknesses alongside your strengths; this is how you can make significant improvements to your practice.

Mentee application form

Once your application has been received, we aim to respond within ten working days. If your application is successful, you will be matched with a mentor and will receive a guide on getting the most from your mentor/mentee relationship. We make matches based on geography and try not to match any competing organisations. If you are assigned a mentor that may represent a conflict of interests please contact our mentoring team at Mentoring@theIAM.org and we will find another suitable match. The mentoring scheme is continually reviewed based on your feedback. 

Immerse yourself in the discipline by visiting sites to observe asset management in action.

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Join our interactive sessions tailored to enhance your knowledge of the profession.

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Attend NxtGenPlus interactive revision sessions for an extra boost when preparing for your IAM Qualifications exams. NxtGen aims to host a revision session at each IAM Annual Conference and IAM Asset Management Conference, where attendees can sit IAM Qualifications exams for free at the event.

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Join NxtGenPlus today

NxtGenPlus is free to join for all Student and Associate members committed to continuing professional development. Your NxtGenPlus membership will be valid for three years, after which time you should be ready to move to full IAM member status. To join, once you have registered as a Student or an Associate, please email Office@theIAM.org to request to join NxtGenPlus.

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For Organisations and Professionals

Active professionals and organisations are vital to making NxtGen and NxtGenPlus work. If you’re interested in supporting this initiative, there are several ways that you can help:


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