Foundation Award

The IAM Foundation Award is an introductory asset management awareness training.

Who is the Foundation Award for?

The Foundation Award supports evidence of the staff awareness of asset management necessary for ISO 55001 certification and the building of common purpose and vision within an organisation. The training is aimed at anyone requiring a basic knowledge of asset management to support their organisation’s asset management activities, who may have little or no prior knowledge of the discipline. Candidates of the Foundation Award may be beginning an asset management career, or may never need to develop their asset management knowledge beyond a basic understanding.

Examples could be individuals

  • new to asset management roles
  • in roles that support or interact with the organisation’s asset management activities
  • working in the organisation’s supply chain providing clients with asset management services or supporting these services

There are no pre-requisites for taking the Foundation Award.

What does it involve?

The Foundation Award is a one-day training course, completed with a multiple-choice paper based, knowledge test at the end of the day. The training will cover:

  • basic asset management concepts, principles and terminology
  • the breath of asset management activities
  • common characteristics of good asset management
  • some commonly used techniques
  • the types of benefits organisations can realise
  • potential next steps for individuals who wish to continue with their asset management journey

Taking the Foundation Award

The Foundation Award is training is carried out by IAM Endorsed Trainers, who are appointed all around the world. The format of the training day and the course fees will therefore vary depending on which Endorsed Trainer you choose to take the Foundation Award with. If you are interested in completing a Foundation Award training day, you will need to arrange this directly with your chosen training provider.

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