The professional body for whole life management of physical assets

You have reached the application forms to register with the IAM or subscribe.  If you are not sure which class of membership is suitable for you or you have not yet chosen one, please return to the pages at the top of the menu to read the details.

You may register as an AFFILIATE now free of charge.  This may be for one or more of several reasons, such as: you are registering for an Endorsed Training course or wish to receive our Newsletter or download the Competences Framework. 

You can also join in other categories and pay online now - please complete each screen before 'continuing'...

Please note that acceptance in the class of Member requires you to have the appropriate knowledge and experience.  You may be offered membership as an Associate if you do not yet have the evidence to support your application. 

We shall be offering application in full online as soon as possible, but until then, please note that you need to download and complete our Application Form (see the Individual menu option).  Please register as an Affiliate while this is submitted and you will be able to pay online once you have been accepted.

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