Chapter Values

We want to work with everyone who shares our values and objectives, whether individuals or organisations. For information on our values and objectives, see the IAM Policy.


IAM Chapters are set up openly, favouring collaboration rather than competition.

The IAM seeks to discuss the initiative of a new IAM Chapter with organisations in the country concerned that we already have contact with, as well as encouraging approaches from other societies. We always aim to explore collaboration opportunities to better serve members of both organisations. However, these discussions will not unduly delay the process of setting up the IAM Chapter. 

The possible extent of collaboration is not fixed, but a typical Memorandum of Understanding (or more formal contract) will include:

  • joint events (social or technical)
  • recommending events
  • joint research or knowledge projects, possibly sharing IP
  • sharing magazines and knowledge bases
  • recognising qualifications or training
  • discounts on products, services or even reciprocal memberships
  • possible collaboration on raising good practice in relative spheres of interest

The IAM does not seek to compete or target members of any other society. There is no financial value to the IAM in more members, as subscriptions are not a profit stream and only cover the costs of membership services. 

Where the IAM and a local society do not agree to collaborate, the IAM will respect this and endeavour to communicate openly about IAM activities and events. 

Volunteering and commitment

Any members considering organising a new Chapter needs to be aware of the commitment required. Senior members, especially those elected/appointed to a committee, project or representative role, often give a significant amount of their time to run the IAM and its activities. Employers may allocate time, but more often this is true volunteer work in members’ own time.

The IAM encourages members to participate, as this facilitates development and learning. Participation in IAM activities means access to the IAM’s growing network of knowledgeable and influential professionals. 

Non-commercial activity

The IAM is not a trade association or lobbying organisation. Members are required to abide by our Code of Conduct. It is important to separate personal and employment interests from IAM activity. For example, promotion of events must not favour a particular supplier, product, technique or service. Speakers and papers should be explicit about any influence by corporate or personal bias, rather than expert and objective knowledge.

Many corporate members have been very generous over the years, providing venues free of charge and sponsoring or supporting IAM activities which do not necessarily produce commercial return. This is significantly beneficial to the IAM and its members and greatly appreciated. It is important that such offers are clearly separated from editorial control (especially where it enables knowledge projects or publications). The reputation of the IAM rests on true and challenging peer review.


Part of the purpose of Chapters is to keep the IAM relevant to members locally and incorporate the differing cultures and thinking which exists in different countries. Of course, it is possible that practices which are normal for one culture can be misunderstood by others. We all need to learn to manage and be sensitive to these potential clashes.

Together, as an asset management community, we are making the world a better place. Become a member today!