Corporate Membership

The IAM welcomes all types of organisation to Corporate Membership. Your organisation may wish to join due to an interest in asset management, a wish to support the IAM, or to support your employees. Adherence to our Code of Conduct is a condition that applies to each grade of IAM membership.


Benefits for employees of Corporate Members

  • Your employees will have access to our events and products at Corporate Member discount
  • Your employees will be entitled to a subscription discount for Individual Membership (including Student Members at academic institutions which are Corporate Members) 
  • All employees are exempt from the joining fee for Individual Membership


Further benefits of Corporate Membership

  • Use of the Corporate Member of the Institute of Asset Management logo on your website, stationery and other publications 
  • Priority access to exhibition and sponsorship opportunities (sometimes discounted)
  • Priority engagement with IAM projects and activities
  • Eligibility to stand for election to Council, representing Corporate Members
  • Encouraging employees to develop their capabilities by joining as Individual Members
  • One free Individual Membership 


Types of Corporate Membership

Please note that you will need an Individual Membership to log in on our website and access our member resources.

Corporate Member

Annual Membership   
£880 / US$1,320                      

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Academic Organisations 

Annual Membership    
£275 / US$415                       

Higher education organisations are entitled to Corporate Membership at a significant reduction (whether or not the academic staff are Individual Members in their own right).

Academic organisations can join as a Corporate Member if they have current students who hold Student Membership of the IAM. 

Academic staff and Students are entitled to the additional Corporate Member benefits and are exempt from the Joining Fee to become an Individual Member if the Academic Organisation is a Corporate Member.

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Not-for-Profit / NGO / Government Organisations

Annual Membership 
£390 / US$585                       

Not for profit organisations, NGOs and Government authorities and departments are entitled to a significant discount in accordance with the IAM’s obligation as a learned society to:

  • Advance for public benefit the science and practice of asset management
  • Promote and recognise high standards of practice and professional competence
  • Generate widespread awareness and understanding of the discipline

Employees of these organisations are entitled to additional discounts and are exempt from the joining fee to become Individual Members if their organisation is a Corporate Member.

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Patrons of the IAM

The IAM is fortunate to have the loyal and enthusiastic support of its Patrons. Patrons help the IAM to focus on relevant projects which deliver the greatest progress for asset management.

The Patrons of the IAM are an exclusive group of Corporate Members committed to a high level of activity and engagement with the Institute. Our Patrons list includes leading asset managers worldwide. In exchange for significant support to the Institute, Patrons have great influence on the direction of the IAM and the development of the discipline.

In addition to the Corporate Membership benefits, Patrons enjoy:

  • Priority involvement with projects and activities
  • Monthly meetings with world leading practitioners
  • Use of the Patron of IAM logo
  • Direct engagement in development of the Institute
  • Opportunity to be elected to Patron membership of Council
  • Exclusive events and meetings, for example cross-sector dialogue with regulators to promote good asset management

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