Creating an IAM Chapter

What is required to create a new Chapter?

  • A Voting Member (Member or Fellow of the IAM): to initiate the new Chapter
  • At least 20 active paying individuals and 10 organizations: to comprise the critical mass required for the organization of a Chapter (typically, we would look for larger numbers, but the main factor is whether the proposed Chapter is likely to be viable long term)
  • Different sectors and an appropriate mix of members from asset owners, service providers, consultants, government, and finance/insurance: the initial group must be a diverse representation to support the fledgling Chapter and provide diverse inputs
  • Evident commitment from sufficient individuals: to take up the key volunteer roles within the Chapter and understand the significant time and effort required

How is a new Chapter created?

  1. A request is made to IAM Centre for the initiation of a new Chapter
  2. Conversations take place between CEO and those initiating the request
  3. IAM Centre confirms the critical mass requirement is met
  4. IAM Board agrees that an Organizing Team can begin
  5. The Organizing Team forms and communicates with members locally
  6. The legal entity is incorporated, a Chapter Executive committee is formed and signs an Agreement with IAM Centre
  7. The Chapter Executive prepares the Chapter Start-Up Business Plan
  8. The Chapter is announced, and support is widely invited
  9. The Chapter Executive and Organizing Team create a launch plan with support from IAM Centre
  10. An official launch event takes place

The role of the IAM Centre

IAM Centre provides coordination and liaison as well as strategy and relationships with external bodies.

IAM Centre will attempt to prevent unwanted duplication and provide economies of scale for all Chapters, particularly central services such as the website, database and planning.

Legal and Constitution

Chapters are incorporated as legal entities to allow the Institute to make available its brand, knowledge, support structure and other resources, including goodwill.

Chapters are not subsidiaries of the IAM and sign an agreement with IAM Centre ensuring that all activities of all Chapters are aligned to the objectives of the IAM, and that governance of the Institute is transparent and seen to have been achieved.

The Chapter is to be directed and administered by volunteers who are not legally trained. As volunteers, it is essential that their time is spent productively with minimal administration. Although legal documents must be in place, elected and appointed Officers and legal directors should be able to operate the Chapter without legal training (seeking advice from IAM Centre wherever necessary).

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