IAM Conferences and Awards 2024


Date & Time:
01 January 2024 08:00GMT
31 December 2024 08:00GMT


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IAM Global Conference, Virtual  17 & 19 September

The theme for this year will be 'Unlocking Value'.

Realizing value is at the heart of what asset management is all about.  The IAM Global Conference 2024 will feature presentations, case studies, and interactive sessions on the ways in which asset-owning and service-providing organizations are employing a variety of approaches and solutions to unlocking value for stakeholders.


IAM Virtual Global Virtual Conference 2024 - 17 September

IAM Virtual Global Virtual Conference 2024 - 19 September





IAM Netherlands Chapter, 26 September

The theme for this year will be 'IAM Circular' 

IAM Netherlands Chapter Conference 2024 - 26 September





IAM North American, 21-24 October 

The theme for this year will be 'A Big Year for Asset Management'.

This is a big year for asset management. The global asset management community has been working on some important changes to asset management standards and frameworks which will be published this year and the IAM celebrates its 30th birthday. 

IAM North American Conference 2024 - 21 - 24 October 





IAM UK Chapter, 20-21 November  

Join us on 19 November when, following day-time workshopwe will hold the opening drinks reception to welcome conference delegates and the GFMAM to the UK Chapter

conference that will run over 20th & 21st November 2024.The workshop and conference will be held at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel & Conference Centre in London. 

Our theme this year is “Asset Management Excellence in a Changing World - from starting out to world class” 

IAM UK Chapter Conference 2024 - 20-21 November







IAM Germany Chapter

The theme for this year will be 'Werte schaffen - Zukunft gestalten'.

IAM German Chapter Conference 2024 - 21-22 November










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