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The external publications listed here contain materials that are relevant to all experience levels of asset management professionals. Please note that, while recommended, the publications listed may not reflect the views of the Institute.



Asset Management: Transforming asset dependent businesses, Second edition
Edited by Chris Lloyd and Michael Corcoran

Published July 2019

With contributions from leading advisers, industry experts and academic researchers, Asset Management, Second edition is an essential reference on the practicalities of adopting asset management principles, methods and techniques. The book demonstrates how asset management can transform the prospects of infrastructure and asset dependent businesses, by reducing risks and costs, and generating increased value for shareholders and stakeholders.

Fully updated, this second edition contains a collection of short, authoritative and multi-disciplinary contributions which together provide an accessible and comprehensive overview of asset management best practice that is applicable to all sectors. Individual chapters examine the achievements and future potential of Asset Management, including opportunities posed by digitalisation, climate change and smart cities. This collection will challenge asset management professionals to engage more effectively with business leaders and academia.

Asset Management, Second edition is a key reference for practitioners and decision makers working in infrastructure and asset dependent businesses, and will also appeal to students and practitioners new to this area.

Chris Lloyd is Chairman of Competence Assurance Solutions Ltd (CAS), a London-based company helping businesses and government agencies leverage competence to reduce risk and improve results. He was the editor of the first edition of this book and has been prominent in the development of the Institute of Asset Management.
Michael Corcoran is Associate Director of CAS.

Book Reviews

A great read for busy leaders in asset intensive industries.
Rob Davis, CEO, EA Technology Ltd and Past President, The Institute of Asset Management

This book frames the major challenges and how asset management professionals can rise to them.
Dr Penny Burns, Chair, Talking Infrastructure Association, Inc. and Producer of the podcast “Talking Infrastructure”


Asset management decision-making: THE SALVO PROCESS
Edited by John Woodhouse
Published by the Woodhouse Partnership, 2014

This guidebook explains what it takes to make the right decisions in the management of assets. It covers not just the steps and disciplines required, but also how to create a clear ‘business case’ to justify and communicate the outcomes, so that everyone can agree on what is worth doing, when and why.

About the author
John Woodhouse is a widely known expert in integrated asset management. He is a Founder, Fellow and Chair of the Panel of Experts for the Institute of Asset Management. He Chaired the BSI/IAM development of the PAS 55 standard for optimal management of physical assets, and was UK Expert Representative in the development of the first International Standard for Asset Management (ISO 55000).

He has also led the development of the first published Competences Framework (IAM 2006), and was Programme Director for the European MACRO Project (EU1488) and International SALVO consortium, researching and developing best practices in asset management decision-making and in optimization of life cycle value.

John is CEO of the consulting and training organisation, TWPL, providing advice and competency development to most industry sectors in over 25 countries. With a personal background as a senior manager in the oil industry and engineering, he launched TWPL in 1995 with a group of former senior industrial managers from nuclear, oil, utilities, defence and manufacturing sectors. 20 years on TWPL is one of the most experienced international sources of pragmatic advice and implementation support to organisations wishing to improve their asset management.

John holds a Masters degree from the University of Cambridge, where he was also captain of the varsity Boat Race crew. He has also skippered a round-the-world sailing yacht and is author of the book 'Managing Industrial Risk' (Publ. Chapman & Hall, 1993). He now lectures widely around the world at conferences and through university and in-house management training programmes.

"The SALVO Project has helped us to identify and demonstrate the optimal timing of asset replacements and the optimal frequency for maintenance interventions. The outputs from SALVO are key components of our ‘Asset Master Plans’: we are now in the best place we have ever been."

Geoff Aitkenhead, Asset Management Director, Scottish Water.
"Our clients really need processes like SALVO – which provides a consistent, structured and quantified means of evaluating what to spend on their facilities, when and why."

Keith Hamer, Group VP Engineering & Asset Management, Sodexo


International Case Studies in Asset Management
Edited by Chris Lloyd
Published by ICE Publishing, 2012

This publication shows companies and interested parties at all levels how asset management can be used to provide organisations with the strategic perspective, transparency and tools required to make best use of budgets, maximise returns on capital and grow market value.

Publisher's Description
International Case Studies In Asset Management shows companies and interested parties at all levels how asset management can be used to provide organisations with the strategic perspective, transparency and tools required to make best use of budgets, maximise returns on capital and grow market value.

The case studies in this book offer a wealth of knowledge and experience of how to embed asset management thinking and use it to improve service, reduce risk and become more competitive. With a strong emphasis on leadership, the book shows readers how they can change the way people work, break down boundaries and create cultures that support asset management.

Internationally applicable and relevant across sectors, the book includes seventeen case studies from seven countries featuring local, national and global organisations operating in water, railways, metros, mining, ports, energy and municipal services. It is a key reference for anyone involved in asset management - whether new to the subject, studying for a qualification, developing an asset management system, strategy, or regulatory framework, or appraising infrastructure investment opportunities. This book is best read as a companion to Chris Lloyd's earlier book, Asset Management: Whole Life Management of Physical Assets (Thomas Telford, London, 2010).

“ An essential collection of hard earned lessons, insights and good practice examples.”

Stephen Morris, President, Institute of Asset Management
“These case studies demonstrate that the journey from theory to practice has well and truly begun in the field of asset management and highlight that effective leadership, appropriate commercial focus and cultural change are our tools for success.”

Anthony Vaughan, Senior Vice President, Brookfield Infrastructure Group

Strategic Asset Management: The Quest For Utility Excellence
Written by Clive Deadman
Published by Troubador Publishing, March 2010

One of the first books ever written specifically on the strategic management of utility industries, this publication is especially relevant to water, gas and electricity asset management.

Publisher's Description
One of the first books ever written specifically on the strategic management of utility industries will be previewed in London on March 4th, at the prestigious Utility Regulation 2010 Seminar, hosted by SGBI and attended by regulators and senior figures from the water, gas and electricity industries.

Entitled Strategic Asset Management: The Quest For Utility Excellence, the book is sponsored and recommended by the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) as essential reading for regulatory authorities, as well directors and managers at all levels in utility companies.

The book answers the key question of how utilities can select the right goals, organisational design, culture and engineering tools, which allow them to manage their complex asset bases and deliver truly excellent performance. With 37 case studies and 50 diagrams, it illustrates the snakes and ladders that leading utilities have experienced on the path to excellence.

About the author
Clive has lived and worked in the UK and France, studied chemistry at Cambridge University and worked in the African mining industry. On returning to Europe he joined the venture capital arena and invested in and became a Director in a range of engineering businesses.

On joining the utility sector, he developed a strong desire to understand the value that utilities receive operating and investing in their regulated assets. Over the last 15 years, he has introduced several groundbreaking asset management initiatives to United Utilities businesses, in the UK and internationally. He is a council member of the Institute of Asset Management and chairman of the Energy Innovation Centre’s Investment Forum.

"This is a book every utility asset manager and utility leader needs to read."

Robert Davis, Institute of Asset Management
“This is a practical book which draws on my personal experience of running utility businesses, together with the cumulative wisdom of leaders of utilities, who own and operate over £750 billion of electricity, water, wastewater, gas, rail and power generation utility assets and provide services to 300 million customers.”

Clive Deadman, Author


Asset management - Whole-life management of physical assets
Edited by Chris Lloyd
Published by Thomas Telford, London, February 2010

This book offers comprehensive and accessible coverage to all major aspects of asset management, acting as an invaluable reference for those working in or learning about asset-intensive industries.

Publisher's Description
The first book of its kind, Asset Management offers comprehensive and accessible coverage of all major aspects of the subject, providing an invaluable reference to those working in or learning about asset-intensive industries.

Bringing together the insights, experience and advice of a panel of leading thinkers and practitioners, Asset Management gives readers multiple perspectives on the practicalities of adopting asset management principles and equips them with the tools and frameworks they can use to create effective asset management strategies and cultures within their organisations.

Contributors draw on data, case studies, examples and illustrations from a wide range of sources from the rail and utilities sectors, to public sector management and major civil engineering works.

Key features:
Rapid entry to asset management thinking and best practices.
An all-round perspective on asset management applicable to all sectors.
Advice and guidance on the practicalities of adopting and implementing asset management principles.
A collection of planning and analysis templates, maturity scales, process diagrams, outline strategies, hints and tips and extensive references to further reading.
Concise, authoritative summations of experience to date.
About the editor
Chris Lloyd is Managing Director of CAS, a psychology based consultancy which advises clients on asset management competence and culture. He is a member of the Council of the Institute of Asset Management, Chair of its Qualifications and Professional Development Committee and oversaw the development of the IAM Competences Framework which was published in 2008.

“Each chapter moves effortlessly between the theoretical and the practical and is littered with real life examples of both good and bad asset management practice”

Robert Davis, Institute of Asset Management
“Asset Management is changing the way businesses are thinking – this book will help people put that thinking into practice”

Chris Murray, National Grid, plc



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