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The Asset Management Landscape


The GFMAM Asset Management Landscape (2014 Second Edition) is a free publication which promotes a common global approach to asset management.

It includes a number of conceptual models, a list of 39 Asset Management Subjects and Principles and a framework for describing best practices, maturity and standards. 

Two important purposes for the Asset Management Landscape are to provide:

  • the structure for building a body of knowledge for certification schemes and qualifications in asset management,
  • the structure (and potentially the criteria) for assessing an organisation.

Using The Asset Management Landscape

The GFMAM Asset Management Landscape (Second Edition) includes the subjects and fundamentals that depict the discipline of asset management. Each GFMAM member incorporates the Asset Management Landscape as part of their asset management framework.

The Landscape presents good practice for developing asset management structures in your organisation, from fundamentals to measuring performances and making improvements.

The informative model diagrams make this publication a useful benchmarking tool to improve on your own structures.



Over the last two decades there have been major global advances in asset management standards, models and principles. The Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management determined that it is beneficial to align these various advances and develop a collective view, in particular for organisations which operate asset management systems in many countries.

To this end, the first edition of the GFMAM Asset Management Landscape was published by the GFMAM in November 2011.

When the first edition was published, it was agreed that the Landscape would be reviewed in 2014 against the ISO 55000 standards to incorporate developments in our understanding of asset management, leading to the publication of the second edition in March 2014.

Feedback on the first edition of the Landscape showed that the publication was being used far more widely than initially envisaged. In addition, the level of subject descriptions was considered too high for developing the requirements for the GFMAM project, such as the ISO 55000 Auditor Assessor Specification.

A detailed review was carried out by GFMAM members in 2013, and brief details of the review criteria and process can be found at Appendix B: Landscape Review.


Download The Asset Management Landscape

The Asset Management Landscape (Second Edition) is openly available to download, for members and non-members alike. In downloading this publication, you agree to our terms and conditions.

GFMAM ISO 55001 Competency Specification

In 2013, members and stakeholders of the global asset management community sought assistance in maximising benefits from the ISO 55000 Asset Management Standards published in 2014. In particular, organisations require competent and capable people, who may be employed as staff or brought in from external organisations to assess against, or comply with ISO 55001. The GFMAM published a document that sets out the minimum knowledge and comprehension specification for personnel to audit or assess to ISO 55001 based on the Asset Management Landscape.

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