Volunteer Request - Case Studies for SSG 12 - Asset Creation and Acquisition

The IAM volunteer team developing SSG 12: Asset Creation and Acquisition is looking for case studies.

When we think of creating and acquiring assets, the first thought is about physical assets such as buildings, public and private infrastructure, plant, tools, and materials. But in the field of asset management, there are also other assets such as digital solutions for tracking, controls, and planning, Building Information Models, digital twins, etc.

We are looking for case studies that identify the process followed and the benefits accrued to the organization to cover the following areas:

  • Asset Creation and Acquisition Principles
  • Planning for transitioning new assets into Operations 
  • Asset Creation and Acquisition Key Factors

It would be beneficial if the case studies brought out the considerations of the life cycle when making these Asset Creation and Acquisition decisions and identify lessons learnt.

To aid production of the case study the following template may be useful: 

Case Studies For SSG 12 - Asset Creation and Acquisition - Template

Please submit your case studies by 31st January 2024 to Office@theIAM.org

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