Asset Management Raconteur Report 2017

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01 May 2017

Asset Management Raconteur Report 2017

Published in print, exclusively for The Times or The Sunday TimesRaconteur special reports cover the most pertinent topics through in-depth analysis and commentary from leading journalists and industry leaders. The IAM is proud to partner with Raconteur on specific asset management editions. This collaboration allows us to raise awareness of the asset management discipline, promote best practice and the benefits of long-term thinking, and encourage engagement within organisations, other disciplines, and stakeholders.

By profiling a number of leading firms, this 16-page report educates the senior business community on the value of asset management and adopting the discipline as a core competency. Topics include how asset management is evolving in the digital world, breakthrough technology powering Africa through innovative clean energy alternatives, and the discrepancies in the life cycle of chief executives and assets. 

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