Climate awareness, robust risk modelling and award-winning electrical transmission solutions

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18 Feb 2021

Climate awareness, robust risk modelling and award-winning electrical transmission solutions

In this edition, see the results of our 2020 Member Survey, meet the new IAM Board and Council members, and read features on:

  • the cost of climate change
  • essential questions for developing municipal infrastructure
  • the need for sustainable business
  • robust risk modelling
  • digital twins
  • innovative methods for solving electrical transmission maintenance

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Some of this edition's features...

The cost of climate change

Scientists are certain that our climate is changing. This change could result in uncertainties for assets across many environments, with those in the marine habitat particularly at risk. How to prevent the chemical deterioration of materials as they react with the environment is a question that continues to tax asset managers.

In this feature, find out more about some of the key considerations and challenges for the asset management professional through the experiences of contributor William Kilpatrick (Frazer-Nash).


Award winning optimisation - patent pending

The electrical transmission industry has been trying to solve the complex problem of optimising asset management interventions for many years. Now, National Grid Electricity Transmission (NGET) and Copperleaf have found what industry experts have judged to be a valid solution to this persistent problem. 

Find out how they did it, what the results have achieved for National Grid, and why it won the IAM Global Awards for Innovation, and Risk & Resilience.


Responding to the need for sustainable business: doughnut asset management

If success is no longer gauged purely in monetary terms, what metrics do we need to consider? What will these new metrics require from asset performance assessment?

Learn how a doughnut theory focussed on ecological ceilings (limiting degradation of the planet) and social foundations (safeguards for the wellbeing of humanity) can be a replacement performance indicator, from contributor David Harman. 

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