IAM NxtGen Initiative Sees Growth in USA

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08 Jan 2018

IAM NxtGen Initiative Sees Growth in USA

AM NxtGen provides support and learning and networking opportunities for professionals who are new to the discipline of asset management. 2017 has been a particularly successful year for the growth of the initiative in the USA, and we want to thank the members who have contributed to this success. With the help of these enthusiastic volunteers, NxtGen hosted a range of insightful events and networking opportunities in the USA last year. The main highlights include:

Holding two social events

  • The first event started with a discussion on what asset management means and most common challenges. We concluded by realizing that regardless of industry, the challenges faced were very similar - organizational culture being one of the main factors that impacts the adoption of asset management as a way of doing business.
  • In the second event, we focused on discussing asset management as a career path. We discovered that for the most senior members in the group, the path was more like a bee-line, with progressive experience in different type of industries. For most of the mid-career members, the path has been more linear, involving career growth within the same industry. For our younger members, we hope this served as a way to realize that the path is also a process of self-discovery and remaining open to opportunities.

Organizing a “Talk from the Top” Panel Session

Our six invited panelists, all recognized industry leaders from public and private organizations, shared their experience on each of the subject groups from the IAM’s Asset Management Anatomy. This included:

  • Risk & Review – Suzie Heap, Amey Global, Consulting and Rail
  • Organization & People – Gordon Williams, Network Rail Consulting, North America
  • Asset Information – Ron Humphrey, Code Red Business Solutions
  • Life Cycle Delivery – Chris Wenz, The McHenry Management Group (TMMG), Commercial Business Group
  • Decision-Making – Larissa James, WSP, US Advisory Services, Asset Management
  • Strategy & Planning – Michael Salvato, NY MTA – EAM Program

Hosting a webinar

Available to all NxtGen members around the world, we broadcast "Asset Management Opportunities and Pathways" by Ed Singer, AM Program Director, Woolpert.

Forming a committee

A group of seven volunteers bring together their experience from different industries in and outside the US. The committee consists of:

NxtGen Committee


We look forward to starting our next round of events in 2018 and continue growing the success of NxtGen in the USA!

NxtGen is free to join for Student and Associate IAM members. Find out how you can get involved and how IAM NxtGen can support you in the early stages of your asset management career.

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