Pathway to Excellence - Maturity Scale and Guidance (PDF)

The Pathway to Excellence In Asset Management: IAM Maturity Scale & Guidance provides guidance on asset management maturity and how it can be defined, scaled and recognized.

It contains a maturity scale, ranging from Innocence to Excellence, along with definitive attributes and typical symptoms that might be observed in organizations at different stages of their maturity journey.

The subject of asset management and, even more so, the characteristics of adequacy or ‘best’ practice are continually changing through process innovations, new technology and learning.

There are also widely different operational environments, constraints, cultures and opportunities in asset management, so what is recognized as ‘competent’ or ‘excellent’ needs to consider the context of the organization and how this changes.

Such context-dependencies are discussed in this guide including refinements and additional considerations associated with the IAM conceptual model from ‘6-boxes’ to ‘10-boxes’ for higher levels of maturity.

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