IAM Endorsed Assessors Scheme

The IAM’s Endorsed Assessment (EA) scheme provides access to suitable, reputable assessment providers that can deliver relevant, high quality asset management assessments of organisations using knowledgeable assessors


The IAM believes that organisations will realise business benefits from their assets by developing and implementing asset management practices, and that the best way to achieve this is for organisations to develop asset management systems that conform to the requirements of ISO 55001 or BSI PAS 55.


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What are the benefits of using an IAM Endorsed Assessor?

Although organisations can implement AM systems by themselves, there are benefits in using an independent third party to assess conformance. Anybody can declare themselves to be a Certification Body and issue a certificate of conformity for an ISO management system standard or specification. The IAM set up its Endorsed Assessor scheme so that organisations and their stakeholders can have confidence in the competence and capability of assessment and certification services.

Even though National Accreditation Bodies are establishing ISO 55001 accreditation schemes, the IAM will continue the EA scheme, as these accreditation schemes are only designed for Certification Bodies and not for assessors that only wish to offer assessment for gap analysis. The IAM believes that assessors undertaking gap analysis should have the same competence in asset management and auditing as those involved in certification assessments. The IAM’s EA scheme provides this assurance.

(If your organisation would prefer certification against ISO 55001 to be undertaken by an Accredited Certification Body, you should be able to source these via National Accreditation Bodies, such as UKAS for the United Kingdom.)

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Apply to become an IAM Endorsed Assessor

EAs can be endorsed for assessing conformity to ISO 55001 and/or PAS 55 for gap analysis and/or certification. The IAM assesses applicants against the requirements of the EA scheme and, if successful, appoints them to the status of Endorsed Assessor for a period of three years (renewable).

It is important that you understand the requirements of the scheme before you submit your application. As well as completing the application form, please ensure you have read the other documents available. These documents identify the evidence and assurances the IAM will require you to provide if your application is to be successful. The application process usually takes 1-2 months, depending on the provision of documents required and the availability of application reviewers.

All EAs are required to be members of the IAM.

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The application process

1. Review the Schedule of Requirements to decide whether you want to assess companies for gap analysis against and/or issue certification for PAS 55 and/or ISO 55001.
2. Complete the Application Form and submit to EA@theIAM.org. You will be provided with details of a secure cloud storage folder to upload supporting documentation for your application.
3. You will receive an invoice for your application fee. (If not already an IAM Member, you will also receive an invoice for membership.)
4. You will then be required to upload your application's supporting documents to the allocated cloud storage folder and make payment for the application fee.
5. Your application will be assessed and, if successful, you will receive an appointment letter and EA appointment fee invoice.
6. Our EA Team will then deliver training on the operation of the EA scheme to the relevant staff via teleconference (around 3 hours).
7. You will receive an invoice for your annual EA subscription. Once the payment has been received, you will be issued with a Certificate of Endorsement, and be added to the IAM Listings.

Download Endorsed Assessor Documents

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Endorsed Assessor Code of Practice >

Endorsed Assessor Scheme >

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If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at EA@theIAM.org

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