Examinations Board

The Examinations Board ensure that current, meaningful and relevant examinations in asset management are available and delivered to all registered candidates in a timely and appropriate manner.

Examinations Board is accountable to the Board of Management.

Examinations Board has sole responsibility for:

  • Setting and monitoring the content of examinations for the IAM Qualifications
  • Delivery of IAM examinations
  • Scoring or marking IAM examinations
  • Overseeing the awarding of IAM Qualifications to successful candidates 
  • Ensuring that the contents of IAM examinations are reviewed regularly
  • Recommending any changes or developments deemed necessary
  • Reviewing examination performance and updating the associated question bank
  • Reviewing the preparation, delivery and administration of examinations
  • Working with the Board of Management, Committees and other IAM groups as needed to ensure coherence between qualifications, membership and professional development activities
  • Producing reports for the Board of Management as required, including reliable data relating to numbers of candidates, pass rates, etc.
  • Ensuring that processes used in the production, delivery, updating and quality assurance of IAM examinations maintain their integrity


You can contact the Examinations Board at Exams@theIAM.org. 

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