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Subject Specific Guidelines (SSG)

Subject Specific Guidelines


The Subject Specific Guidelines (SSGs) are part of a series of publications designed to expand and enrich asset management knowledge. Those published are available in the online shop.

The SSGs cover the 39 Subjects in Asset Management - an anatomy, and are also based on the asset management knowledge structure or ‘matrix’ from the Asset Management Landscape.

The SSGs are a core element within the IAM asset management knowledge base. Through peer review and IAM Expert Panel assessment, they fully align with the IAM’s values of the development of excellence in asset management, and the provision of support to those seeking that success.

Each SSG document covers one or a group of subjects from the 39 Subjects, with broader subjects meriting their own SSG, and closely related subjects being grouped together in one SSG.

The publications are colour-coded according to the Group within which the Subjects appear.


SSG project status


All SSG documents are either in progress or complete. Completed SSGs that have been published are available to purchase in PDF and print format.


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