The IAM AM System Application Guide

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The IAM Handbook is being developed as a comprehensive reference for knowledge within the scope of the asset management discipline. The Handbook will be an exclusive IAM member benefit.

Once you have read the Anatomy and ISO 55000/1/2, what do you actually “do”? The IAM Handbook is the first place to go.

Should you do asset management? What should you do first? How do you implement an asset management system? What about culture and people? How to approach external assessment? What to do about your supply chain? And so on…

Asset Management System Application Guide


The AM System Application Guide is being developed by the Institute of Asset Management. It sets out a practical and pragmatic approach to help organisations on the asset management journey to develop and implement an asset management system that will achieve formal compliance with ISO 55000, and enable the realisation of value and good practice (as described in the IAM Anatomy and supporting Subject Specific Guidance documents). It is not intended to replace ISO 55002, but rather to extend and elaborate on how to implement asset management.

The AM System Guide also provides a reference for more advanced organisations wishing to improve – continual improvement being a requirement of good practice for all management systems.

Currently under design review to be made available in Early 2021


Developing and maintaining a Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP)


An intended complement to the ISO 55000 standards, "Developing and maintaining a Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP)" provides practical advice for the development of a SAMP. This includes the role of, and suitable content for, a Strategic Asset Management Plan.

The SAMP is a planning tool to clarify intentions, priorities and practices to be adopted. It takes a long-term view and considers the combination of organisation needs, stakeholder expectations and the realities of existing assets and asset management capabilities.

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