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“The Journey of Asset Management” is a tool for starting conversations about Asset Management within your organisation as well as with customers, suppliers and wider stakeholders.  It was built up from stories shared by hundreds of IAM members over a series of workshops in 2014. The intention is not to provide a model or a template for how to ‘do’ Asset Management, but rather to capture what it feels like, depicting the cultural as well as the technical barriers.

The picture is part of a series of materials, including a nine minute video, which explains the structure and key points of Asset Management. These are designed to be accessible to professionals across all organisations.


What is Asset Management?

Watch the video below...


The Big Picture - The Journey Video

Watch the video below...





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and see the downloads and materials page or purchase a Big Picture pack.


The Big Picture Pack

5 x Big Picture, 5 x What is Asset Management, How to use guide, Transcripts of videos,

2 x USB including transcripts, how to use guide and videos


We welcome your feedback on the Big Picture project, please follow the link below and complete the form. 


The IAM would like to thank Network Rail and Visual Meaning for supporting the Big Picture project:



Resources you might find useful

  • Asset Management an Anatomy V3
    This book offers readers an appreciation of Asset Management: what it is, what it can help you achieve; the scope of the discipline (including what is not included!) and a description of the fundamental concepts and philosophy.​

  • Compentences Framework

    Asset management requires a multidisciplinary approach. The ISO 5500x Standards, the AM Anatomy and the GFMAM Landscape confirm this.  It spans a wide range of disciplines including engineering, finance, operations, information systems, management, contract and supplier management, human resources and organisational development. The precise mix of competences that people and organisations need depends on their objectives, the context and circumstances they are operating in. ​
  • IAM Qualifications

    The IAM Certificate is aimed primarily but not exclusively at new entrants, and those with some experience in asset management roles, seeking to achieve formal recognition of their knowledge and experience of physical asset management.

    The IAM Diploma is aimed primarily but not exclusively at those with prior knowledge and experience of physical asset management; or being prepared for or recently appointed to specialist or management roles in asset management.

  • Endorsed Trainers

    The IAM Endorsed Training Scheme is designed to assist potential clients to find suitable and reputable training providers that deliver relevant training using knowledgeable instructors. Our Scheme is designed to be transparent and open to all and requirements for entry are intended to be reasonable and appropriate. 
  • IAM Events

    The IAM is involved in a range of events, including events organised by the IAM, events organised by its partners, for example, though the TPN partnership with the IET.  The IAM will also endorse the events of others, where their objectives align with those of the IAM and there is evident benefit for our Members.
  • Contact Us





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