Climate Emergency Action Planning: Guidance for asset owning organisations

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22 Oct 2021

Climate Emergency Action Planning: Guidance for asset owning organisations

The scale of the climate and environment challenge we face is recognised by most organisations, but how do we tackle the challenge of developing robust action plans in asset management?

Our latest guidance demonstrates how the existing approach to developing and implementing Asset Management Strategies and Plans can be enhanced to address the climate challenges and encourages organisations:

  • to provide leadership with sufficient information and options to enable them to develop a corporate climate emergency strategy and objectives;
  • to understand the changes we need to make to our asset base and how we manage it to address the climate challenge; and
  • to develop robust (transparent and evidence-based) Asset Management Strategies and Plans that will support the delivery of the organisation’s climate emergency objectives.

The IAM considers that it is vital that knowledge, experiences and examples of good practice are widely shared and this white paper is intended to provide practical guidance to the asset management community. 



We would be delighted to receive feedback and suggestions for amendments or further content – please email the IAM Climate Emergency Group (


With COP26 around the corner, this release couldn't be more timely. The international community is about to meet and discuss important changes that will have lasting repercussions to the operating environment of organisations. 

If you or your organisation own and operate assets, this guide is a perfect opportunity to contribute to the efforts of addressing the climate emergency. 

COP26 goals: Mitigation and Adaptation

This white paper directly responds to two of the COP26 goals of mitigation and adaptation. We provide definition and guidance on how to include these in your asset management planning. 

  • Climate change adaptation: "making systems and infrastructure resilient to changes in climate"
  • Climate change mitigation: "avoiding and reducing emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere to prevent the planet from warming to more extreme temperatures"

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