E.ON joins as a Patron of the Institute of Asset Management

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14 Sep 2021

E.ON joins as a Patron of the Institute of Asset Management

E.ON, a leading energy supplier, has been accepted as a Patron of the Institute of Asset Management (IAM).

The IAM is the leading international professional body for asset management, and draws its membership from across the world. It works in strong partnership with organisations to produce guidance, thought-leadership and opportunities for individuals and corporations to continue their asset management journey.

As a professional association, its aim is to influence and improve the widespread understanding of asset management, and to showcase the value society derives from applying good asset management practices. E.ON joins a large number of energy organisations engaged with the IAM globally.

“We are delighted to be accepted to join the Patrons Group. Becoming Patron of the IAM is very overdue for us as we should have pursued it 15 years ago when we really got serious about asset management. We hope to be able to learn from the other Patrons plus offer our knowledge and experience to help continually improve the Institute,” said a spokesperson for E.ON.

Andy Watts, Managing Director at the Institute of Asset Management said: “We’re delighted to see E.ON join our Patrons Group. Their addition to the group will bring new inspiration and insight. As an asset intensive organisation, they are well aware of the application and challenges of asset management in a real-world sense. We look forward to what their experience and leadership in this area can bring to drive the professional community forward.

“Our Patrons bring a wealth of industry knowledge, practical experience and leadership in good practice to the initiatives the Institute runs. Through these initiatives, E.ON and our other Patrons will help develop and influence the way forward for asset management, inspire and support each other as well as the extended IAM network.

“We thank them for their support and look forward to seeing and sharing their contributions to the IAM.”


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E.ON join the ranks of our Patrons Group

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