First recognised qualification

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01 May 2019

First recognised qualification

The University of Applied Sciences Utrecht has successfully achieved recognition for its Master of Science (MSc) in Maintenance and Asset Management.

"In anticipation of market needs, our Board of Advisors and representatives of the Build, Civil and Industrial domains, the curriculum of the Master of Engineering in Maintenance & Asset Management has recently been revised into a state of the art programme."
Jan Stoker, Senior Lecturer/PhD Researcher
University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

This recognition demonstrates that the qualification meets criteria for breadth and depth of content and focus against the IAM competencies framework. The University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is the first to achieve such recognition. 

Thanks in large part to the university’s application and support with its development, the IAM’s recognition scheme has become a robust means of accrediting asset management programmes, and will provide a model for the design of new asset management qualifications.

IAM recognition offers a professional challenge to existing asset management qualifications, while also raising these qualifications’ profile to both IAM members and a wider audience.

Maintainance and Asset Management MSc

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