Asset Management Professionals - Launch

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05 Oct 2020

Asset Management Professionals - Launch

We have been seeking to raise the influence and status of asset management professionals for a while now and in recent years focused on providing support for individuals pursuing their personal development by introducing IAM examinations (in 2013) based on our Competences Framework, which has been used by many companies since its publication in 2006. For those sitting either our Certificate or Diploma exams, support has been and continues to be provided through knowledge base, events, webinars and formal training, available through IAM Endorsed Trainers.  To date we have seen nearly 8,000 successful exam candidates.
We are now finding that the broad world of asset management attracts some people to start their career as asset management professionals; and the first degree courses are emerging in leading universities as this need is recognised. This is a very exciting development and such people are learning important skills that complement traditional business management learning.
Many people ask what the difference is between being a member of a professional body (like the IAM) and being registered as a professional.  We believe that membership of a professional body demonstrates your commitment to your profession and to the professional body that you have chosen. It’s usually driven by your desire to drive the profession forward and contribute to its advancement. For many people, their professional body offers a network of support; an environment where they can share knowledge and learn from their peers, but also where they can support others.
On the other hand, becoming a registered professional is a demonstration of your competence within your field. In the case of an Asset Management Professional, this is a recognition of the depth and breadth of your knowledge and your experience within the field of asset management.
We are now ready to enable successful individuals to be recognised by their peers as professionals in this field by designating them ‘Asset Management Professional’ and allowing them to use the post-nominal letters ‘AMP’.

By making this register open to all around the world, not only IAM members, we want to help raise the global recognition of asset management professionals and contribute towards making more organisations and stakeholders aware of the value of asset management.

If you want to demonstrate your level of knowledge and experience, show that you’re keeping these current with continuing professional development and that you are recognised and respected by your peers in this exciting new field, then view here for details and the access to our Guide for Applicants.

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