IAM AM Excellence Awards 2022 - Finalists announced

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20 Sep 2022

IAM AM Excellence Awards 2022 - Finalists announced

The IAM Awards recognize the outstanding contributions and achievements of individuals, teams and organizations in the profession of asset management.


We were delighted to receive entries from around the world and from a wide range of sectors. The quality of the nominations has been exceptional, highlighting pioneering achievements, outstanding international practice and great leadership in asset management. There is much to be congratulated and we are pleased to feature the winning finalists and commend their work through the IAM Asset Management Excellence Awards 2022.

The IAM would like to thank all those who submitted a nomination, and the 2022 Awards Judges for their hard work and commitment.

To book a table or individual place see our Asset Management Excellence Awards 2022 event listing or email Events@theIAM.org


McKeown Award for Individual Achievement - shortlist

For an individual who has made a personal contribution to the asset management efforts of their organization or the asset management professional community, by progressing their individual journey in asset management.  This award will acknowledge but not honor partners.

Seyed Ali Seyedi Pour


Dean Beamish


Angel Cana
Boortmalt Pty Ltd


Michael Niven

Team Achievement Award - Shortlist

This award honors an operational team or department who have made a significant contribution to their organization or the asset management knowledge base. Each team consists of people from across the organization, or from other organizations, reflecting that this was a collaborative effort.


PA Consulting



Affinity Water Leakage Team and PA Consulting

Stanford Medicine



Pneumatic Tube (P-Tube) Program Improvements and Resiliency

Defence Infrastructure Organisation



The Defence Infrastructure Asset Management (2030) Programme Team

Ministry of Transportation and Logistic Services

Deputyship of Roads Operation and Maintenance - Ministry of Transportation and Logistics Services


Multiple organizations in Denmark working together to adapt the British CNAIM methodology and embed risk-based decision-making at several DSOs to benefit customers and society


Corporate Transformation Award - Shortlist

This award honors the Corporate Journey and the excellence displayed by organizations to progress their asset management competence. Any organizational effort towards the Corporate Journey, regardless of the asset management maturity, are considered for this award. 

Grupo Energía Bogota (GEB)

Introduction of asset management during global pandemic results in a remarkable corporate transformation


Government Operations & Maintenance Sectoral Reform in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Environment Agency

AIMS Operations and Maintenance Project

KPMG and Irish Water

Irish Water & KPMG - Project Clarity

Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department


NxtGen Award - Shortlist

This award is for an individual newer to asset management (less than 5 years in asset management focussed roles) who has made an outstanding contribution to the implementation and development of asset management in any part of their organization, and who demonstrates great potential for further asset management excellence.

Dana Al Matar Bani Malek

Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure



Craig Stout
Red Rock Power Limited


Cameron Sloman


Katherine McCarthy



Julie DeYoung



Eason Award for Digital Innovation - Shortlist

This award honors innovative advancements in asset management in the face of current challenges. The individual or organization should have applied good asset management principles in adapting to new technologies, advancements in digital capabilities, and meeting competitive, digital business and/or consumer trends that have taken place in the previous year. It is for those who are on the cutting edge of asset management innovation and are pioneers or early adopters of new methods, theories, and tools. 

Nicholas Gould
National Grid

National Grid Electricity Transmission

Rod Stout

BMA / National Grid / Yorkshire Water

An evolution in Resilience Planning: determining a more resilient future through digitally enabled Adaptive Systems Planning
Carmen Peraita Sanz
Mott MacDonald
Enterprise and digital integration for the Elizabeth line

SP Energy Networks

Engineering Net Zero Model – revolutionising network planning and design for our Net Zero future

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