IAM Publishes White Paper on Circular Economy

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16 Nov 2022

IAM Publishes White Paper on Circular Economy

The Institute of Asset Management has published a white paper How Asset Management Can Enable the Circular Economy

This white paper aims to outline how asset management can embrace circular economy principles and highlight the opportunities for enhancing value that this can offer. This is important for organizations working on their circular economy transformation and identity. Drawing upon good asset management practice, the organization’s leaders and asset managers will need to understand the relative strengths of their existing asset management capability and how these systems can evolve and adapt, supporting a future circular economy.

We invite comment and discussion on this white paper for potential next steps to be taken in promoting the circular economy within asset management. Next steps and opportunities may include the development of guidance documents, incorporation into international standards, the IAM Subject Specific Guidance documents, tools and techniques to measure readiness for the circular economy, linking to climate change initiatives and sustainability within the organization’s context, or even influencing future regulatory requirements.

The circular economy knowledge group is chaired by Carl Waring from Frazer-Nash Consultancy.  If you would like to know more or like to get involved with this group, please contact office@theIAM.org 

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