IAM’s Strategic Plan for 2020-23

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19 Oct 2020

IAM’s Strategic Plan for 2020-23

We’re delighted to release the IAM’s Strategic Plan for 2020-23 which outlines how we will support our members, help organisations enhance their asset management capabilities, grow our knowledge base, and develop the IAM and its global reach over the next three years.

The core activities we'll progress over the coming three years are summarised in a new way, using a Transformation Map or T-map. This provides a single view of our future focus areas, categorised into three streams of activity, and that will deliver the outcomes we want to achieve as each year passes.

Some of these activities will take time to deliver the desired outcomes. Some of them are already in progress. Some will span more than one year before delivering the final outcome. The Transformation Map will act as a live planning and review tool, which we will use to drive and review our activities.

As our members’ representatives, the IAM Council, including Chapters, has helped develop the Strategic Plan – particularly by influencing which activities we prioritise. This sort of engagement improves the way we operate, so we will make sure we maintain it over the coming years as Chapters’ activity increases.

As always, there will be many ways for you to engage with the IAM over these three years. There will be opportunities for everyone to develop their own capabilities and their organisations’, and for both individuals and organisations to raise the professional status of asset management.

We are fostering an explicitly inclusive global culture of sharing professionals. We will minimise potential barriers that may prevent anyone from joining the IAM or taking advantage of our knowledge and activities. Together we can ensure the delivery of greater value from assets to end users across the world.

Please have a look at our Plan and join the Open Forum sessions on the 29th October to hear an overview and ask any questions.

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