SSG 11: Technical Standards and Legislation

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22 Feb 2024

SSG 11: Technical Standards and Legislation

The Institute of Asset Management is delighted to launch Subject Specific Guidance 11: Technical Standards & Legislation

SSG 11 provides general guidance concerning Legislation and Technical Standards when applied to Asset Management. It is intended to assist Asset Management practitioners in establishing and maintaining appropriate processes to meet their legislative and regulatory obligations.

SSG 11 includes documents that describe technical requirements that are to be applied within an organization to its assets and to activities relating to assets.

Technical Standards and Legislation touches on all aspects of an asset’s life cycle and this SSG considers life cycle delivery as a central component. This document assumes that most people who read it will be people who have existing assets and are looking at ways to ensure that their organization’s Asset Management activities are fully compliant with all relevant standards and legislation.

You can preview and purchase this SSG here


The Institute would like to thank our sponsors National Grid and the IAM Patrons whose support is greatly appreciated in enabling the design and publication of this document.


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