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11 Aug 2023

Submit your Proposals for Asset Management Professional Development Workshops

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting individuals and organizations in developing their asset management capabilities, we are delighted to announce a call for organizations or individuals who can partner with the IAM to develop and deliver asset management professional development workshops.

Our primary objective is to support both the asset management journey for individuals and the corporate asset management journey for organizations. To achieve this, we are inviting organizations or individuals to submit workshop proposals with the aim of collaborating with the IAM to develop and deliver professional development workshops as a partner.  We would be interested in proposals that can be delivered in varying time zones and different languages.

We invite you to raise any questions you have about the process and submissions to



Our goal is to provide the wider asset management community with valuable educational experiences that enhance their asset management skills and knowledge. The proposed workshops will be conducted in partnership with the IAM, where we will act as clients, collaborating closely with partners to scope and agree on the workshop content and materials. This collaborative approach ensures mutual advantage and shared risk, making the products commercially viable.


Workshop Content:

The proposed workshops should align with the asset management discipline and focus on enhancing practical knowledge and skills. Subjects for suitable 1-day or 2-half-day virtual workshops may include, but are not limited to:

  • Continual development of asset management – leveraging value from asset management beyond ‘conformance’ in the areas of maturity and excellence
  • Practical application of SSGs
  • Practical application of IAM white papers for areas being developed by IAM knowledge groups
  • Specific training on good practice for topics of asset management interest – such as end-of-life modeling

We invite prospective partners to make a submission on other relevant topics they might choose to propose.


Submission Guidelines:

To ensure efficiency, submissions should be limited to approximately three pages, clearly outlining the core learning objectives that will be achieved through the workshop.  The submission should provide an overview of the workshop content and the expected outcomes for participants.  The submission should also include the experience and capabilities of the people/team who will be delivering the workshops including both their training and asset management expertise. The workshop should focus on the asset management discipline and should not be selling proprietary tools or techniques.


Selection Process:

All workshop submissions will be carefully reviewed by our internal team. The most suitable professional development workshops will be selected to move forward to the development and pilot phase.

It should be noted that if piloting is successful, we will look to schedule and hold workshops with some regularity.  A minimum number of delegates is required for each workshop and each workshop only proceeds if the minimum number of delegates is reached. 


Expectations of partners:

As partners delivering asset management professional development workshops, we expect the following from workshop facilitators:

  • Proven expertise in asset management with demonstrated industry-based knowledge.
  • Proven expertise as trainers
  • Proven technical capability
  • Understanding of asset management principles, methodologies, and best practices.
  • Willingness to work collaboratively with the IAM to align workshop content with our strategic plan.

The workshop opportunity should not be based on promoting existing products or services provided by the partner.

Workshop providers must refrain from using the workshop or training sessions for direct sales or the creation of new business.


Benefits of Partnership:

We value our partnership with workshop facilitators and offer the following benefits:

Co-branding and promotion of your organization as an asset management professional development workshop provider on all online communication channels and the IAM's website.

Opportunity to showcase your company through delivering high-quality content.

Tiered partnership income based on the course's success and volume of delegates.

Recognition as an IAM partner when delivering the agreed course(s).


We look forward to receiving your workshop proposals and collaborating with you to provide valuable educational experiences that support the individual and organizational asset management journeys. Please submit your proposal by 15 September.

We invite you to raise any questions you have about the process and submissions to

If your proposal is chosen, we will contact you to discuss further details on the development and partnership agreement for the workshop going forwards. Prior to the announcement and promotion to potential delegates, you will also be required to submit the full training material for review.

Please note that our selection process is open and transparent, and we welcome proposals from organizations and individuals regardless of whether they are already Endorsed Training Providers with the IAM.

Thank you for considering this partnership opportunity, and we eagerly anticipate receiving your workshop proposals.

Please email final submissions to by September 15th 2023

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