The Institute of Asset Management and ITN Business partner to demonstrate ‘Why Outcomes Matter’

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18 Oct 2022

The Institute of Asset Management and ITN Business partner to demonstrate ‘Why Outcomes Matter’

The Institute of Asset Management and ITN Business partner to demonstrate ‘Why Outcomes Matter’

Launched on the 17 of October at IAM Annual Asset Management Excellence Awards Dinner, Hilton Bankside, London.

New infrastructure, such as railway networks, green homes and new major roads, play a key role in fueling economic growth and improving lives. With such great investment, comes a responsibility to deliver infrastructure that demonstrates real value for the people who use those railways, homes and roads for many years to come.

The Institute of Asset Management has partnered with ITN Business to produce ‘Why Outcomes Matter’, a digital news-style program highlighting the importance of starting with the end in mind when it comes to building infrastructure.

The program explores organizations and projects who are not only committed to delivering on time and on budget, but more importantly to benefitting society.

Hosted by presenter and journalist Duncan Golestani from the ITN London studio, ‘Why Outcomes Matter’ features an interview with President of the Institute of Asset Management, Christian Roberts discussing why an outcome-based approach matters to critical infrastructure owners, the challenges faced when planning new national infrastructure and how outcomes are changing the way corporations measure value.

Expert leaders from Microsoft, the United Nations and the Institution of Asset Management feature in the program to discuss why organizations must think about the benefits to the end user and how the project will add value to the community, before commencing a project, why this approach is so critical and how they are applying this to their own work.

The program launched on the 17 of October 2022, at the IAM Annual Asset Management Excellence Awards Dinner at the Hilton Bankside, London.  The full program is available on the Institute of Asset Management website, combining key sector interviews, informative news items and reporter-led sponsored films from partners:

  • BAM – discussing how they have been working very closely with their client Network Rail in the UK focusing on collaboration, innovation, and sustainability, to protect a critical rail link, as well as the local town, from rising sea levels and extreme weather.
  • Burns & McDonnell – demonstrating how they have teamed up with US energy provider, Entergy, to help prioritize its capital expenditure, and reduce outages, so customers have energy when they need it most.
  • Northern – focusing on a train care center near Leeds in the UK which is a strategically important asset undergoing major investment that embraces environmental and social responsibility to drive economic growth.
  • Osmose – explaining the work they do using their mobile asset assessment vehicles to scan for electrical faults before they become serious enabling public safety risks to be addressed and reductions in power losses.
  • UK Power Networks – describing how they are using innovation to maximize existing electricity services and infrastructure to equitably deliver the net zero climate goal in the electric revolution in transportation and other sectors.

Ursula Bryan, Chief Executive of Institute of Asset Management said: “At the Institute of Asset Management, we seek to ensure the widespread understanding of asset management and the value to wider society of applying asset management good practice. This new program, Why Outcomes Matter, focusses on exploring how designing with outcomes in mind means asking, right from the concept stage, what is the overall value of this infrastructure to the current and future communities it serves. We are delighted the stories in this program bring to life why outcomes really do matter.”

Nina Harrison-Bell, Head of ITN Business said: “We are excited to be working again for a second year with the Institute of Asset Management to make a programme that raises awareness of the importance of effective asset management.  Given the level of new and ongoing investment in infrastructure globally, there is no better time for leaders and organisations to consider why outcomes matter.”

The programme can be viewed here: For more information, contact Nina Harrison-Bell on 


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