Volunteering opportunity with the IAM Climate Emergency Programme

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10 Jun 2021

Volunteering opportunity with the IAM Climate Emergency Programme

The Climate Emergency has been agreed by the Board as a Hot Topic for the Institute of Asset Management. A steering committee was convened to consider how the IAM might best prepare to help membership meet the Climate Emergency. As professionals working in the field of asset management we are today making decisions that will contribute to, and be affected by, climate change. Since the lifecycle of our assets last from anything from 25 to over a 100 years we are locking in embodied and operational carbon emissions for many years to come. Hence the agreement to act today to:

  • Documentation: Review the IAM existing documentation to consider its effectiveness in addressing the climate emergency
  • Knowledge Management: Gather, collate and provide access to case studies
  • Capability Building: provide training and support to help members develop the knowledge and skills essential to address climate change

The IAM conceptual model provides an excellent framework to be used in considering the impact on asset management. It is proposed that six working groups are set up. Leads for the Task & Finish Groups have been established. The next step is for the T&F groups to call for volunteers to support the leads.

The groups from the AM model are:

  • Organisation and People
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Decision Making
  • Asset knowledge
  • Lifecycle Delivery
  • Risk & Review

Volunteer opportunity: Project Manager

The project manager will report to the Co-Chairs of the ICEP, will undertake general project management duties for the group including co-ordinating the Task groups and capturing and reporting on progress. The Task groups will make their recommendations to the Climate Emergency Steering Committee for consideration and approval.

Outputs: Monthly progress reports; Final report collating recommendations form all groups, Gantt chart.

You are invited to submit an EOI for this position. This must be no longer than two sides of A4 (using font size no smaller than 10) stating why you are interested in applying for the role, the experience you would bring together with some thoughts on how you might approach the project.

Closing date will be Monday 21st June. Please send your expression of interest to Liam.Nolan@theIAM.org.

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