SSG 6 & 7 Capital Investment Ops & Maintenance Decision Making (PDF)

The scope of the Capital Investment Operation and Maintenance Decision-Making SSG includes decision-making for all asset management life cycle activities.

At every stage of the life cycle delivery, tactical decisions are made. These should be guided by criteria, policies and procedures consistent with longer-term strategic decision-making.

Good asset management decision-making enables the optimization of capital, operations, and maintenance options. For this reason this SSG includes guidance for decision making for all types of asset management activities including capital, operations and maintenance.

It also discusses techniques that enable optimization of life cycle strategies, and the prioritizing of plans.

Capital Investment Decision-Making is defined as the processes used to evaluate and analyze scenarios for decisions related to an organization's capital investments to acquire or replace assets.

Operations and Maintenance Decision-Making is defined as the management activities and processes involved in determining operations and maintenance requirements in support of the asset management objectives and goals.

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