The professional body for whole life management of physical assets

The IAM's Competences Framework

The IAM's Competences Framework (‘the Framework’) describes what people working in asset management should be able to do and indicates what they ought to know and understand.

It is a tool that organisations, managers and individuals can use in numerous ways including in Training Needs Analysis, Recruitment and Selection, Career Planning, Continuing Professional Development and Workforce Management.

The Framework contains a unified set of generic competence requirements which are applicable to all organisations and sectors where business performance relies on optimising the delivery and performance of physical assets. Its structure is compatible with that of other leading competence frameworks and its contents reflect the principles and support the requirements of ISO 55001:2014 and BSI PAS 55:2008.

The Competences Framework is periodically updated to reflect feedback from users and to align it with the IAM’s latest thinking on the scope and components of asset management.  The Framework is generic, applicable to people being selected for, working in or aspiring to asset management roles in any sized organisation or sector.  Part 1 sets out the competence requirements.  Part 2 gives guidance on how to use the Framework.  The Framework has informed, and been informed by, the design of the IAM Certificate and IAM Diploma Qualifications.
The Framework is freely available to download from here
If you have any comments on any aspect of the Framework please let us know - Contact Us.

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