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Knowledge Leadership Group

Knowledge is core the the IAM and coordinated through our Knowledge Leadership Group (KLG).  This is a Standing Committee of the IAM, established to ensure that we have a structured and strategic view of Knowledge needs and activities aligned to our IAM Strategic Plan.

Our knowledge development is an iterative process with KLG recommending priorities, and the potential approaches to meeting, them to Faculty and then being responsible for driving, but not delivering or managing the resulting projects. KLG oversees our Peer Review process to ensure produced knowledge and outcomes are appropriate and meet the original requirements.

We resource the majority of our knowledge related initiatives through calls for volunteers with the right level of knowledge and experience and the ability to commit enough time to progress the activity.  Clearly personal and work circumstances sometimes change, and we accept well made offers of help may be withdrawn part way through a project.

Complete and submit a PID (Project Initiation Document) to

Alternatively you could contact us to get involved with our SSG's and other publications


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