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07 Jun 2022

IAM The Pathway to Excellence in Asset Management

We are pleased to release our latest asset management publication to further your knowledge of asset management excellence and maturity. 

The material in these publications is the cumulative product of several IAM studies on the subject over the last 15 years. It continues, of course, to be an evolving story. The subject of asset management and the characteristics of adequacy, good or best practice are continually changing through process innovations, new technology and learning.

This new IAM publication provides guidance on asset management maturity and how it can be defined, scaled and recognized. 

It contains a maturity scale, ranging from Innocence to Excellence, along with definitive attributes and provides insights for recognizing what might be observed in organizations at different stages of their maturity journey.

There are also widely different operational environments, constraints, cultures and opportunities in asset management, so what is recognized as ‘competent’ or ‘excellent’ needs to consider the context of the organization and how this changes.

Such context-dependencies are discussed in this guide including refinements and additional considerations associated with the IAM conceptual model from ‘6-boxes’ to ‘10-boxes’ for higher levels of maturity.

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A short introductory video has also been produced to explain the developments in the excellence & maturity work and why the IAM 6-box model needed to be extended to 10 boxes in order to add vital elements that distinguish organisations at higher levels of maturity.



The Case for Excellence 

In addition to the updated guidance document, we have prepared a short paper that outlines the case for excellence. This is aimed at helping organizations to justify their ongoing efforts in raising their maturity beyond the merely competent – and realize the great value of striving for excellence.

The case for excellence sets out the case for developing and maintaining excellence in asset management, and what the IAM is doing to help.  You may find this helpful in explaining the opportunity to colleagues.

Download the Case for Excellence


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