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An Anatomy of Asset Management

The Anatomy (Version 3 or AMA3) is available FREE OF CHARGE to Affiliates and paying members. 

PLEASE use it according to the Terms & Conditions below.

Please do not pass it on – ask others to download their own copies at

If you are already a Paying Member you have a website login (Fellows, Members, Associates & Students) – you can download the PDF now using the link below.

If not, you will need to become an Affiliate (FREE) in order to access the download PDF.  This requires you to accept the relevant Terms & Conditions and our Code of Conduct.  This category of membership expires in 12 months unless you join properly as a Paying Member. 

The IAM developed the Anatomy to provide an appreciation of asset management: what it is; what it can achieve; the scope of the discipline and a description of the underlying concepts and philosophy.  The first version was published in 2011 and Version 2 in 2014 to align it with the newly published ISO55000. 

We assume you have an interest in this young discipline and we hope you enjoy reading AMA3.  Version 3 has been extensively improved and represents considerable intellectual effort and contributions from a wide variety of people worldwide, with particular credit to those named in the document itself.

It is made available by the Institute free of charge for your personal use.  We ask you to respect this privilege!  

One of the IAM’s Objectives is to provide knowledge for the benefit not only of our Members but also of society generally.  AMA3 is not a text book or a training course, but we hope you will learn something from it whether as an expert or as a newcomer. 


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We are interested in your opinions and feedback, particularly if you think you can help us improve subsequent editions.  AMA Version 3 is expected to remain stable for two years unless, of course, you provide so much feedback that we consider it needs revision earlier!

Terms & Conditions – summarised

AMA3 is made available to download for personal use on the basis that you will not exploit it for gain or commercial purposes.  The Terms & Conditions of use are summarised in simple language as follows and the full T&Cs are available to read here.

In simple terms:  

•  Please do not abuse the IAM’s ‘Asset Management – an anatomy, Version 3’, which has been provided to you free of charge for your benefit.

•   Do not pass it on – ask others to download it personally from

•   Do not sell or represent it as your own work or property.

•   Please acknowledge the IAM as your source.

•   Please keep your IAM registration or membership up to date so we can send you revised versions of this document.

•   Please contact us if in doubt or if this agreement is not clear or if you wish to request permission via our website ‘Contact Us’ (

Printed Copies are available in our Shop

Individual or multiple copies may be ordered from our shop.  They are supplied as cheaply as possible and include packing and postage.  If you need large quantities, please ask for a special deal. 

Printing your own copies / Training Use

The download version is intended primarily for reading on-screen as a PDF.  It is relatively low resolution and is not suitable for printing. 

If you wish to use this book as training material, we have no objection as long as you inform us.  We ask you to require your students or trainees to visit and download their own copies.

We can sell you high quality printed copies at low cost – but if you want to print them yourself, we are willing to provide a print-ready PDF as long as you agree to use quality paper and print.


Please contact us if in doubt or if this agreement is not clear or if you wish to request permission via our website ‘Contact Us’.


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