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An Anatomy of Asset Management

  • This page refers to latest version of the Anatomy which is version 2. It can be downloaded at using the link below.
  • Version 2 is available free as a pdf download to Affiliates, Students, Asscociates and Members.
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Version 2 has been issued primarily to align "Asset Management - an anatomy" to the new ISO55000/1/2 terminology and the revised Landscape issued by the Global Forum.  We took this opportunity to make other slight revisions and improvements in response to helpful comments and feedback from readers.  Conceptually, the AMA has not changed radically.

We are preparing Version 3 of "Asset Management - an anatomy".  We hope to issue this within a year and we intend to make printed copies available again, depending on demand.  The purpose of Version 3 is to take account of the detail now being made available through Subject Specific Guidelines and to engage our new Chapters and Branches and incorporate thinking and experience from as many sectors as possible.  This will be a significant change and AMA Version 3 is expected to remain stable for two years before the next review.  It will be a shorter document suitable for lay readers / those new to asset management from all sectors and backgrounds.  We are just finalising the scope now and if you wish to contribute, please let us know.


We assume you have an interest in this young discipline and we hope you enjoy reading this document:: ‘Asset Management – an anatomy Version 2’ (AMA2).

 It is made available by the Institute free of charge for your personal use.  One of our Objectives is to provide knowledge for the benefit not only of our Members but also the general public and society. 

We would ask you to respect this privilege: this document represents considerable intellectual effort and contributions from a wide variety of people worldwide and some particular authors are recognised in the document itself. 

It is not a text book or a training course, as such, but we hope you will learn something from it whether as an expert or as a newcomer.  We are interested in your opinions and feedback,  particularly if you think you can help us improve subsequent editions - we are well aware that this initial edition is imperfect!

It is made available on the basis that you will not exploit it for gain or commercial purposes.  The Terms & Conditions of use are summarised in simple language as follows and the full T&Cs are available to read here.

In simple terms:

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- Please do not misuse the IAM’s ‘Asset Management – an anatomy Version 2’, which has been provided to you free of charge for your benefit.

- Do not pass it on – please ask others to download it personally.

- Please do not sell or represent it as your own work or property.

- Please acknowledge the IAM as your source.

- Please keep your IAM registration or membership up to date so we can send you revised versions of this document.


Please contact us if in doubt or if this agreement is not clear or if you wish to request permission via our website ‘Contact Us’.



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