Vision & Strategy

The IAM seeks to ensure the widespread understanding of asset management and the value of good practice for society. Our knowledge projects, publications and services promote a considered approach to the achieving long-term value from physical assets in every organisation, whether large or small, private, public, governmental or not-for-profit.

We often collaborate with other organisations and professional bodies. We support individuals and organisations in professional development to demonstrate capability in asset management.


To be recognised as the leading, international, professional body for asset management.


Independence, Inclusiveness, Collaboration, Transparency, Integrity, Respect. 

Enduring Objectives 

  1. Collect/ collate /disseminate existing knowledge and good practice
  2. Generate and extend knowledge and good practice
  3. Influence public policy and stakeholder expectations
  4. Promote capability and excellence in asset owning organisations or their suppliers and structured schemes for recognising these achievements
  5. Promote knowledge and competence of individuals and objective schemes for recognising these achievements
  6. Deliver member publications, engagement and networking opportunities and other valuable member services
  7. Raise profile and respect for the IAM and the profession
  8. Collaborate and support other bodies having similar objectives
  9. Develop and maintain an appropriate and sustainable organisation


We have an ambitious programme of activities to continue to support our members on their individual and corporate journeys, and to develop the Institute to ensure we continue to serve our increasing international membership.

The IAM Policy sets out our purpose, governance, and values in more detail.

Download the IAM Policy 2016

The IAM Strategy explains our approach to achieving our aims and delivering our objectives and activities over the longer term.

Download the IAM Strategy 2016

The IAM Strategic Plan sets out the IAM’s priorities and milestones over the next 2-3 years, as well as reflecting the progress made in the previous year.

Download the IAM Strategic Plan 2017-20