Individual Membership

Individual Membership enables you to collaborate with other professionals in our global community. Through our best practice publications, knowledge development projects, qualifications, events and networking opportunities, you can enhance your professional knowledge, gain recognition and further your career. You will also have the opportunity to contribute to the development of asset management and promote good practice. 

You may wish to become a member simply because of an interest in asset management. Alternatively, you may be actively engaged in the profession and wish to gain and demonstrate competence through access to continuing professional development.

Grades of Membership

Depending on where you are on your asset management journey, you would normally initially join as an Associate (or Student, if applicable). As you gain knowledge and experience during your professional development, you can progress to higher grades of membership and become a Member, then a Fellow. Our Members and Fellows are also ‘Voting Members’ and, in effect, own the Institute.

Adherence to our Code of Conduct is a condition which applies to each grade of IAM membership.

If you are unsure about membership, you may wish to join as an Affiliate. This option gives you limited access to resources for 12 months free of charge.



Annual Membership
£130 / US$195                                                           
Corporate Member employee £110 / US$165            

As an Associate of the IAM, you will either aspire to become a Member or Fellow, or will have an interest in the activities of the IAM and may remain in this category permanently. 

Participation in IAM activities will help you to expand your knowledge and Associates may join NxtGenPlus. There are no prerequisites to become an Associate member.

There is an initial Joining Fee of £30 / US$50 (employees of Corporate Members are exempt from this fee).

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Annual Membership
£26 / US$40                                                                
Corporate Member employee* £16 / US$25             

Student Members of the IAM must currently be in full or part-time education (or have recently completed education and not yet be employed) and must provide evidence of enrolment and course dates.
Student Membership ends the year after a full or part-time educational programme is completed. Students often have further significant discounts to member events and services and may participate in NxtGenPlus.

*If your educational establishment is a Corporate Member, this entitles you to the same discounts as employees of other Corporate Members.

There is an initial Joining Fee of £20 / US$35 (Students of Corporate Member establishments are exempt from this fee).

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Member of the IAM (MIAM)

Annual Membership 
£130 / US$195                                                           
Corporate Member employee £110 / US$165           

Members of the IAM are eligible for the post-nominal letters MIAM. Membership certificates are also available (to be purchased separately).

There is an initial Joining Fee of £30 / US$50 (employees of Corporate Members are exempt from this fee).

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Fellow of the IAM (FIAM) 

Annual Membership 
£130 / US$195                                                            
Corporate Member employee £110 / US$165         

Fellows of the IAM are eligible for the post-nominal letters FIAM. Membership certificates are also available (to be purchased separately).

Find guidance on how to choose a Proposer.

Currently, the online membership system does not support FIAM applications. To apply for FIAM, please download an application pack. This provides all the documentation and guidance necessary to apply by post or email.

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Honorary Fellow of the IAM (HonFIAM)

Honorary Fellows are likely to be people who have either led the development of thinking and/or practice in the field of asset management and/or have made a significant contribution to the development and reputation of the IAM. Honorary Fellows are appointed by the Board on the advice of Council to the purely honorific category of HonFIAM. 


Affiliate Member (limited to 1 year)


As an Affiliate member, you will have access for 12 months to:     

  • A limited range of download material
  • Ability to contribute to projects and work groups
  • Regional meetings in a growing number of Chapters and Branches
  • Eligibility to join NxtGen (social activities only – not NxtGenPlus)

You will need to join the IAM as a paying Individual Member within 12 months, or you will be downgraded to our mailing list only after this period.

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Fees and Discounts

Prompt Payment Discount (PPD)

If you pay your annual subscription renewal before the renewal date or by direct debit, you will benefit from a discount. (If your employer is a Corporate Member, the PPD is increased.)

Retired Discount                                                          

If you have retired from all income earning employment or self-employment, you are entitled to retain your previous membership status at half price. To apply for a retired discount, please contact us at

Associate/ Member/ Fellow -  £65 / US$100               

UK tax relief for subscriptions

The IAM is listed by HM Revenue & Customs as a professional body approved for tax relief, for the purpose of reclaiming membership subscription. This list may be viewed at If you wish us to apply for similar arrangements in your own country, please send us details of the relevant scheme and contact details for the relevant government department.