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In response to the growing level of interest in asset management, we are putting significant time and investment into establishing an online knowledge base having content not only for Members but also the general public.  

This is called the Knowledge Centre.  For further details and also to download the latest draft Asset Management Landscape document, please see the Knowledge Centre Project.  

The Knowledge Centre uses the MediaWiki platform and displays the same functionality, to facilitate use by as many people as possible without training.  It will allow Members to upload material and comment / edit material.  Some of the Knowledge Centre will be open to the general public but most of it remains a benefit for Members Only.

Please explore some of the sections using the menu on the left.

Get Involved

Do you have the skills and drive to become an IAM Knowledge volunteer? 

Fill out the quick online form to join our team of Knowledge Workers and start helping us review documents and classify and allocate material to our new Knowledge Matrix.

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Annual General Meeting

The Institute of Asset Management's 2017 Annual General Meeting will take place at 17h30 on 27th June, 2017, Hilton, 303 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4LQ


This is part of the
IAM's Annual Conference.


AGM 2017 Proxy

AGM Agenda 2017

AGM 2016 Minutes

AGM 2014 Proxy

AGM Agenda 2014

AGM 2013 Minutes


PAS55 Assessment Methodology

The PAS55 Assessment Methodology (PAM) enables organisations to undertake a self assessment and ‘gap analysis’ of their current asset management practices with BSI PAS 55:2008. It may also be used by 3rd party independent assessors.

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