Planning for the Long Term

All organizations have assets.  The most obvious ones are physical but often non-physical assets are just as important, such as finance and data; and, of course, people and ‘know how’ are critical to success.

Many countries are investing huge sums in infrastructure; but this is only valuable if it provides the facilities their people want and use.  It is particularly important that new projects are planned to complement the existing built environment; and it is increasingly clear that integrating these structures and systems multiplies their usefulness.

We face big challenges, such as climate, pollution, energy and, of course, pandemics.  But we have opportunities, too, such as digital techniques and public awareness that we need to change.  We can increase resilience and sustainability by planning ahead and thinking holistically.

We hope you enjoy these short videos, produced with the expertise of ITN Productions.  They can be watched as a sequence lasting 34 1/2 minutes or you can pick and choose.  If you enjoy them, please tell your colleagues and friends to visit 




See the foot of this page for links to other sources of information including links to the recent press release for the ITN Planning for the Long Term series as well as information on Asset Management Resources and further International Professional Bodies.




The IAM wants to raise awareness of the value assets provide to society and organizations and how we can maximize this: by managing assets appropriately and Planning for the Long Term





Ramboll talk about their digitally enabled approach to managing complex, large scale infrastructure that achieves both cost effectiveness and sustainability – over the longer term.

Wood focus on getting to net zero and how a better understanding of assets, data and asset management can unlock solutions for waste and also innovative infrastructure.




Peacock use AI and a new approach to data to deliver meaningful information that helps maximize the value of your assets, extends their lives and improve return on investment.

BMA are working with National Grid to prepare for hydrogen and incorporate other green energy sources and describe some better approaches to scenario assessment and decision making.

TWPL are helping partners develop asset management capabilities and talk about how they help clients identify priorities and how they should invest in their asset management maturity journey.

Compris are committed to the circular economy and have helped Schiphol airport achieve a lower cost of ownership and improved customer satisfaction and show the complex baggage handling system as an example. 

Copperleaf supplies decision analytics software and helps private and public sector organizations make the right investment decisions and incorporate other criteria such as environmental impact.

The IAM supports people and organizations learning about Asset Management and raises the profile of what we do. 

Listen to some of your views about why this is important and the diverse backgrounds of people in our sector.





We hope you have enjoyed this interesting cross-section of Asset Management activities. The IAM thanks all our partners sincerely for participating. 

We are also most grateful to ITN Productions Industry News.

We want to raise awareness of the importance of effective asset management.  Given the level of ongoing investment in assets and infrastructure around the world, there is no better time to encourage leaders and organizations to Plan for the Long Term.  Please encourage others to visit

Find out more about Asset Management and membership on this website.  You may also be interested in other resources and professional bodies around the world. Visit GFMAM and ISO/TC251

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View the Press Release dated 18th November 2021

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