Registration and exams

The IAM Certificate and Diploma are obtained by sitting and passing the associated examinations. The first step is to register as a candidate, and then when you are ready, you can book an exam at a date and venue convenient to you.

Registering as a candidate

There are no entry requirements for the Qualifications, nor do you need to be a member of the IAM. If you are not a member or have not already registered, we just ask that you enrol yourself on the Mailing List. You can do this on the IAM website under Membership (select Associate then Mailing List). There is no charge for Mailing List only enrolment.

To register as a candidate for an IAM Qualification, you will pay the associated fee and then receive an email with individual login details to access the Exam Portal. Here, you can access example questions to familiarise yourself with the exam format and question style, and book an exam. To make the IAM Qualifications available to as many people worldwide and to ensure the experience is as standard as possible each candidate takes the exam online.

How to register:

Individuals can register themselves as a candidate for an IAM Qualification. Corporate Members and Endorsed Trainers can register others, as individuals or multiple candidates at once.

Select the option below that applies to you:

Booking an exam

Once you have registered as a candidate for the IAM Certificate or the IAM Diploma, you can book onto an exam when you feel ready. For reasons of identification and security, the IAM requires candidates to sit examinations at an IAM Approved Examination Venue, at which there will be an IAM-appointed independent invigilator. All candidates must bring a laptop to the exam which can connect to a Remote Desktop Connection, unless stated that computers are provided.

Public or private exam?

If you are working towards an IAM Qualification with a training provider or your Qualification is being organised by your employers, check to see if they have a private exam venue organised as part of the process. If not, or if you are an individual taking an exam, you will need to book one of our public exam venues.

Upcoming Public Exams 

Consult our list of public exams to find a suitable exam. Private exam sessions (organised by your employer or training provider for example) do not feature on this list.

View upcoming exams

To register for a publicly available exam, you will be able to book onto a session via the IAM Exam Portal after you have registered as a candidate. 

Visit the Exam Portal


Can’t find a suitable public exam venue?

Exam checklist

Before you go to your exam, please ensure you have the following:

  • A device with Remote Desktop Connection enabled on which you can connect to the Exam Portal to take the exam (unless computers are provided)
  • Your Exam Portal username and password (included in the registration email “Examination Access”)
  • Photographic ID