Self Assessment Methodology+ SAM +


The IAM’s Self-Assessment Methodology+ (SAM+) tool enables organisations in all sectors to measure their capabilities against the requirements of both PAS 55 and ISO 55001, and the 39 subjects of the IAM Conceptual Model, found in the GFMAM Landscape. 

The Methodology has been developed so that it: 

  • can be applied to all sectors
  • allows organisations to assess their capability across PAS 55 or ISO 55001
  • is complementary to certification to PAS 55 and ISO 55001
  • enables organisations to (optionally) share and compare capability with industry peers or stakeholders 
  • facilitates the identification of best practice and the preparation of action plans for improvement
  • allows organisations to track improvements in their asset management systems

Using the Self-Assessment Methodology+

As the SAM+ tool is designed to measure a company’s capabilities against the requirements of BSI PAS 55 and ISO 55000, reference to these two documents is essential.

The Methodology is a Microsoft Excel based tool which includes:

  • Question and answer sets to assess the approach to and adoption of the 28 elements of BSI PAS 55 and the 27 sub-clauses of ISO 55001
  • Specific advice and information for each question
  • A maturity scale based on the scale of the International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM), displaying results on a scale of 0 to 4 - for the PAS 55 assessment
  • A maturity scale based on the scale developed by the IAM Maturity Group, displaying results on a scale of 0 to 3 - the level of compliance with ISO 55001 (the scale also allows for greater scores to be recorded beyond ISO 55001 compliance requirements)
  • Guidance notes for using the SAM+

Internal or third-party assessment?

The Methodology can be used by an organisation for internal or self-assessment, or for third-party assessment of an organisation.

The IAM believes that independent third-party certification is only of value to an organisation if its stakeholders value that certificate of conformance. The real value comes from absorbing the philosophy of asset management and implementing an appropriate management system to make the activities consistent. It may therefore be more appropriate for an organisation - even a large international one - to do its own internal or self-assessment. 

Assessment requirements

The scope of an asset management assessment should match the scope of an organisation’s asset management system. Further guidance on defining the scope of an asset management system is contained in Section 4.1 of BSI PAS 55:2008 and Section 4.3 of ISO 55001.

Assessment using the SAM also requires a minimum level of knowledge and understanding. The IAM supports the specification produced by consensus of the Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM) and we recommend that you ensure this is the case, whether the assessment is internal or third-party.

If opting for third-party assessment of your organisation, we recommend our directory of IAM Endorsed Assessors. (Please note that it has come to our attention that organisations not endorsed by our scheme may claim to offer certification or assessment that is approved by the IAM. This is not the case. A fundamental reason for introducing the IAM Endorsed Assessor Scheme is to identify providers with an expert knowledge of asset management.)


The Self-Assessment Methodology+ (SAM+) replaces the Self-Assessment Metholodogy (SAM) and the PAS 55 Assessment Methodology (PAM). 

As an aid to the application of ISO 55001, the IAM decided to update the existing Assessment Methodologies into one that enables organisations in all sectors to measure their capabilities against the requirements of both PAS 55 and ISO 55001. This new methodology was deliberately designed to retain the same look and feel of PAM and SAM.

Download the Self-Assessment Methodology+

The Methodology and accompanying guidance is available to download for free for paying members of the IAM. Login to your IAM portal and access the knowledge library item to access the SAM+ download. 

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