31 Jan 2022 Home Press Release

The Institute of Asset Management Appoints Ursula Bryan as Chief Executive Officer.

As President of the IAM and Chair of the Board, I am delighted to announce that Ursula Bryan has been appointed the Chief Executive Officer. An executive leader with a proven track record in delivering value in asset management roles, Ms. Bryan will assume responsibilities on February 1st, 2022. The

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06 Dec 2021 Home, Netherlands Press Release

Dutch edition of Asset Management – An Anatomy

Dutch edition of Asset Management – An Anatomy/Trots lanceert het IAM de nieuwste vertaling van “Asset Management – An Anatomy. The IAM is constantly working with volunteers worldwide on translation projects, so that we can offer our knowledge and services in as many languages as possible.

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03 Dec 2021 Home Press Release

SSG 21 - Asset Decommissioning and Disposal Publication

The document addresses this subject under the following three sections: • What does decommissioning and disposal mean – definitions that can be universally applied. • Decision-making governance – controlling decisions to decommission, or dispose of assets. • Practical application – the practical st

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03 Dec 2021 Home, Netherlands Blog Press Release

IAM NL Webinar Series - 'Mens en Organisatie'

In het najaar van 2021 hebben we in drie webinars stilgestaan bij het onderwerp ‘mens en organisatie’: - 16 September: Marcel van Esch, VDL: Veranderen onder tijdsdruk - 30 September: Marco Berkhout, Provincie Noord-Holland: Samenwerking in de keten – regionale energiestrategieën...

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26 Nov 2021 Home, Canada Press Release

DIREXYON Technologies becomes Patron of the Institute of Asset Management

DIREXYON Technologies, a Canadian high-tech company specialising in advanced financial modelling tools, has been accepted as a Patron of the Institute of Asset Management (IAM). As the leading international professional body for AM, the IAM draws its membership from across the world...

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18 Nov 2021 Home Blog Press Release

Institute of Asset Management and ITN Productions launch new co production ‘Planning for the Long Term

At the recent IAM Annual Awards Dinner on 9th November 2021 at the Chelsea Harbour Hotel, London, The Institute of Asset Management (IAM) and ITN Productions Industry News launched a new programme 'Planning for the Long Term', exploring the vital role of whole life management of physical assets..

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